Fraud Delays Release Of UB Postgraduate Admission Results

University Buea Administrative Block

Reports say authorities of the University of Buea (UB) are trying hard to conceal a devastating scandal involving five lecturers in the Faculty of Education relating to postgraduate admissions.

Eyewitness learnt that when candidates applied for admission, the lecturers who were asked to study the files reportedly altered the Grade Point Average (GPA) marks of some candidates.

The said lecturers are reported to have reduced the GPAs of some candidates who were qualified while increasing those of candidates they favoured.

The Departments concerned, according to our sources, are that of Psychology, Educational Foundation and Special Education.

According to our sources, the Postgraduate Admissions Committee met recently concerning the fraud but UB authorities tried to conceal the scandal when it leaked out.

Most members of the Committee are said to have called for the setting up of a Disciplinary Board as provided for in the presidential decree relating to the discipline of lecturers in State universities.

The sources said if the lecturers concerned wanted to reject a candidate, his/her GPA would be reduced and vice-versa if they wanted a candidate to be admitted, the GPA is re-adjusted upwards. The Grade Point Average (GPA) is out of 4.00

In some cases, candidates with DIPES I were given DIPES II in order to drastically improve their admission chances since DIPES II is usually taken as an Masters of Education equivalent. 

In a move to reject a candidate with DIPES II coupled with years of teaching and administrative experience in secondary education, a candidate is rejected with the excuse that he/she has not attended a conference and/or their DIPES II is not relevant for an M.Ed in Educational Foundation and Administration.

The situation goes to add to claims that lecturers sell marks, force students to buy their books/handouts at cut-throat prices.

It is also reported that lecturers are paid by students for giving lectures on courses they have been officially assigned to teach, with postgraduate students reportedly contributing money to give their lecturers as "motivations." 

Eyewitness also learnt that some of these malpractices were exposed in late October 2010 by a lecturer in the University and especially in the Faculty of Education but nothing was done. The situation in the Faculty of Education is reportedly compounded by the fact that the Dean, Prof. Mvesso, is an absentee Dean with the Vice-Chancellor allegedly afraid to call him to order.

In a telephone conversation with the President of SYNES-UB Chapter, Eyewitness was told that SYNES-UB is aware of the scandal.

“We are quite aware of the scandal. We would have to take a stance on the matter after a meeting,” Dr Michel Yanou said.

 Unconfirmed sources said some of the accused lecturers have contacted SYNES-UB for support although they preferred to maintain sealed lips when they were summoned by the UB authorities.

The Vice Dean in Charge of Postgraduate Admission in the Faculty of Education, Prof. Ndiva Mbua, maintained sealed lips.

“I cannot grant an interview on such an issue,” he said.

Officials of the University of Buea had categorically refuted the allegations that cases of fraud were delaying the publication of the list of postgraduate students who have been offered admissions.

 “I think people might just want to create stories. An admission into the university is at the responsibility of a commission whose deliberations are not for public consumption. We have not yet published the list for post graduate admissions because the VC was not around. There is no such thing like the altering of grades of the applicants,” one of them had said.

But as we went to press, we were made to understand that under pressure during a committee meeting of senior officials of the University of Buea June 13, the Vice Chancellor Prof Vincent Titanji promised to set up a disciplinary commission of enquiry. The lecturers who were opposed to fraud had threatened to directly write to the Minister of Higher Education.



M.Ed Degree in Special Education Program

Date of Birth Candidate) Correct GPA     Falsified or Re-adjusted GPA

1) 24/11/73               B.Ed. 2.40                       2.40

    PGDE 3.28     2.64 (this candidate was rejected because of low PGDE of 2.64 whereas he/she had 3.28)

2) 19/02/80               B.Ed. 3.24                        3.36

3). 20/11/69              B.Ed. 3.13                        2.91

( this candidate was rejected because of poor GPA of 2.91 whereas he/she had 3.13)

4) 6/11/88                  B.Ed. 3.06                       3.37

5) 29/7/82                  B.Ed. 2.76                       3.36

6) 28/10/73                B.Ed. 2.26                        3.12


  M.Ed. Degree in Psychology

1) 08/08/83                 B.Ed. 2.96                      3.23

2) 04/10/63                 B.Ed. 2.80                      3.04

3) 12/11/82                 B.Ed. 2.76                      3.36  

M.Ed. Degree in Educational Foundation and Administration

1)24/07/85              B.Ed. 2.94                          3.01

2) 19/12/76               B.Ed. 2.94                         3 0

*First Published in Eyewitness Newspaper Edition no 10 of June 15 2012.  By Solomon Amabo A.