Fotso’s CBC bank “robbed” day after sentencing

Unidentified men broke into the Yaounde branch of the Commercial Bank of Cameroon Sunday night, ransacking nearly all offices.

The break-in came within hours after the bank’s CEO Yves Michel Fotso was jailed for 25 years in relation to the Albatross Affair.

Bank officials were not commenting and it was unclear how the suspected robbers managed to overcome the tight security at the city center premises.

There has also been no word on whether money or anything else was stolen from the bank located at the Kennedy Avenue, near a heavily guarded military facility.

A police vans was parked outside the bank at midday and several officers were moving in and out of the manager’s office, said our correspondent at the scene.

Officials said they would brief the press later in the day but did not give a specific appointment. Journalists were prevented from the scene.

CBC is one of the many businesses of the multi-billion-francs Fotso empire, founded by a baron of the ruling party and mayor of Banjoun, Victor Fotso.

The bank was headed by Yves Michel Fotso who was arrested and jailed for 25 years for corruption on Friday.

CBC is currently run by a sole administrator appointed by the banking and financial sector regulators Cobac.


Source: Standard Tribune