Felix Nguele Nguele -Appointed Governor

Former Mezam SDO-now Governor of South, decorating military officials in B'da

Former Former Mezam SDO-now Governor of South (left), decorating military officials in B'da

Former Mezam Senior Divisional Officer, Felix Nguele Nguele has been appointed to head the South Region of Cameroon as governor and takes over from Jules Marceline Njaga, a former SDO for Mezam who goes on retirement.

The decision raising Nguelle Nguelle Felix to this top administrative post was made public Friday October 23, 2015 through a presidential decree signed by Paul Biya. The decree also appoints governors to three other regions while sending two on retirement.

Former East regional Governors, Ivaha Diboua Samuel crosses over to the Littoral in the same capacity to fill the void left by the departure of Joseph Beti Assomo, appointed on October 2, as minister delegate at the presidency in charge of Defense. Taking over from him is Gregoire Mvongo who moves into the field from the central service where he occupied the position of a director.

The fourth appointment concerned the Adamawa Region where former Northwest Governor-Abakat Ahamat takes his turn on the “senior citizen” row. He is replaced by one of his former subordinate, Kildadi Taguieke Boukar, previously SDO of Mayo Banyo in the same region.

By Abongwa Fozo