FAWCAM Launches Campaign to preserve donkey’s right

Many people treat donkeys as beast of burdens only

Many people treat donkeys as beast of burdens only

A campaign has been launched to rescue and protect donkeys from abuses and neglects by their owners. This campaign is promoted by the “Foundation for Animal Welfare Cameroon” FAWCAM.

At a press briefing in Bamenda on Saturday June 6, 2015, the promoter of FAWCAM Prof. Ben Fru Wara said the goal of the campaign is to protect this very hard working, kind and gentle animals from numerous abuses. He called on the press, the judiciary, security officials and other stake holders to join the fight to protect the rights of donkeys which are constantly being violated by their owners. He accused these donkey owners of putting these animals under very precarious conditions like trekking for long distances, placing them under poor hygienic conditions, physically abused and poorly fed

He said there are over 50 million donkeys in the world today and with Bui and Donga Mantung divisions having the highest number of donkeys in the North West, but these donkeys face the threat of extinction due to poor handling and breeding.

Donkeys are social and hardworking animals but these qualities are often abused by their owners. Donkeys he continued need to be tendered with love and respect. Well treated donkeys are a good companion and a big asset to combat poverty and hardship in poor communities he said.

 Animals, Prof. Ben Fru Wara said are protected from ill-treatment by the Cameroon penal code under article 268, even though this section of the law he confessed, is not applied.

This sensitization campaign according to Prof. Ben Fru Wara is to create awareness on the ill-treatment and abused mitted on donkeys, promote the raring of these animals especially in the Bui and Donga Mantung divisions where they are still popular, encourage other communities to make use of donkeys in their daily life and to deal with them in a humane manner.

Prof Ben Fru Wara says FAWCAM is not only to protect the rights of donkeys but all other domestic animals in Cameroon as the government through the ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry has authorized them to draft a legislation to protect the rights of domestic animals in Cameroon.

The populations of the two divisions in attendance expressed thanks to FAWCAM for all the assistance towards the protection of the rights of donkeys.

Before this news conference, a training and vaccination campaign for dogs had taken place in Bamenda I subdivision and with a similar exercise to take place in Mankon, Bamenda II in the days ahead.


By Ndi Tsembom Elvis in Bamenda