Fake Doctor Uncovered at Bamenda Regional Hospital


A lady in her early 30s is under detention and is assisting the police in Bamenda uncover how she succeeded to be recruited as a medical doctor by government under the process to recruit some 25000 young graduates into the civil service.

The lady whose names have been withheld for security reasons was discovered by officials of the Regional Hospital the same day she assumed duty. The director of the hospital Dr. Charles Awasum told pressmen that of the three posted to his institution, this lady was exceptional. She dressed very shabbily and her language expressed serious doubts. Dr. Awasum recounted that with these doubts in mind he decided to give her a date to effectively resume duty a time which they would have done their own findings.

This lady told them that she studied at the Bamenda University of Science and technology (BUST) before leaving for the Amadou Bello University of Nigeria to complete her study with a PHD in Nursing. It later emerged that she actually registered at the deparment of Nursing in BUST but never turn up for classes.

When she came back to resume duty on the given date she was asked to take the blood pressure of a patient but was visibly trembling. She was politely whisked off by plain cloth police officers.

This is not the first case of a fake doctor in Bamenda. A few years back one was discovered at the Saint Maria Solidad Catholic Hospital with fake papers. Fake documents are a common thing in Cameroon and many have been recruited and working at all levels in the country. Thousands of them were discovered in the scrupulous exercise to select the 25000 graduates and what makes her case interesting to the police is how she beat this process. Maybe with an inside help.


By Abongwa Fozo

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