ELECAM Rejects Four CPDM Lists Of Senatorial Candidates

ELECAM Head Office Yaounde

ELECAM Head Office Yaounde

Elections Cameroon, ELECAM, has released the list of senatorial candidates of political parties retained to run for elections on April 14, rejecting four of the ruling CPDM’s lists.

According to the list, signed by ELECAM Board Chair, Samuel Fonkam Azu’u, Wednesday, March 20, out of eight political parties that submitted lists of their candidates, only the lists of four parties were retained. They are the CPDM, the SDF, the UDC and the NUDP.

The CPDM that submitted lists in all ten regions of the country had only lists in six regions accepted. They are the Centre, Littoral, North, Northwest, South and Southwest Regions. Their lists in Adamawa, East, Extreme North and West were rejected. The SDF, on its part, submitted lists in eight regions had seven of its lists accepted, and only that of the Littoral rejected. They had no lists for the Extreme North and East Regions.

 The UDC of Adamu Ndam Njoya and NUDP of Bello Bouba Maigari had one and three lists accepted out of one and six lists submitted respectively. Meanwhile, all nine lists submitted by the UPC party were all rejected. Equally those of ANDP, FSNC and MDR were all rejected. However, political parties whose lists have been rejected have three days to reconstitute their lists for reconsideration.


By Ernest Sumelong

Source: The Post