Dubai Consulate Announces Decision To Renew Passport at Over FCFA 180k

Cameroon passport

The consulate general of Cameroon in Dubai has finally released a document, indicating it is ready to renew citizens’ passport booklets, within a period of 3 months, for over FCFA 180,000.

This decision comes on the heels of numerous calls and complains made by Cameroonians living in the United Arab Emirates and beyond, for government to renew their passports in order for them to keep their jobs in this country. According to some witnesses, renewing passports for those living in the UAE had become a nightmare.

Recently there have been numerous complains from Cameroonians living in Dubai, about the difficulties they face in renewing their passports, with some saying passport booklets or paper boards, are not available, as they quote immigration officials. Some Anglophones living the UAE, have begun victimising themselves, stating that only Anglophones were refused passports. These youths need the booklets to renew their work permit visas, or they will be forced back to their country. Official figures put a passport in Cameroon at FCFA 75,000.

Some people who had gone as far as paying for express passports worth FCFA 300,000, are yet to receive their passports. In towns like Yaoundé and Douala, citizens are flooding immigration offices to collect their passports, but end up grumbling why it takes long for a Cameroonian passport booklet to be issued. However, those with competent channels at the immigration offices say the absence of booklets could still be a man-made crisis as they still have ways to get express passports, despite the scarcity. Immigration officials are yet to comment on this.

Last year, a similar report was raised over the media on the scarcity of paper boards, but the general secretary of DGSN (National Security),in Cameroon, Dominique Baya, said there was no blockage neither in the production of passports nor in national identity cards