Distinguished Cameroonians Receive Red Feather Awards

Frankline Fanka & Shey Nsoyuni Lawrence brandishing their Red Feather Award.

Some twenty Cameroonians from the entertainment industry and other sectors have been honoured with the Red Feather Awards.

The ceremony that took place in Yaounde on December 21 brought together stakeholders in the entertained industry as well as from other sectors that act as a source of entertainment to the public.

Speaking during the event, the President of the Cameroon Film Industry and Chief Executive Officer of the Red Feather Award, Vitalis Otia, said, stakeholders need to join hands with such initiative that could revamp our culture and use it as tool to boost our economy.

He added that culture is the only thing that Cameroon has it in abundance and can sell more than enough without running out of stock. Without stress Vitalis Otia said the red feather in the film industry is a tool to identify and reward home talents in such a way that they could be motivated in their endeavors.

Urging the younger ones to work hard, Otia noted that entertainers in Cameroon were timid but records have it that Cameroon has best artists and actors in each category, reason why there should be celebrations.

Talking to The Bamenda Online, Shey Nsoyuni Lawrence, winner for promoting football at the grassroot thank the organisers and called for government and companies like Brasseries du Cameroon, MTN and Guinness to come in and support the initiative so as to expose talents in the entertainment sector.

“I wish to thank the organisers of the Red Feather Award for honouring me. It is really an honour for me and I pray that government should encourage him in this venture. He has really ventured into the field that looks challenging. I urged big companies like MTN, Guiness, Orange Cameroon and Brasseries du Cameroon to come on board and support the initiative so as to help further expose our industry and talents to our people and to the world as a whole,” SheyNsoyuni stated.

To Ferdinand Foka, a comedian pupolary known as O Boy Da Comic, who received the award for the best comedy of the year, “he is extremely happy because for once, comedy has been honoured meaning that what they are doing is really having an impact to the lives of many Cameroonians.”

In the best upcoming actress, Asah Melvin Mel in the Rebel Pilgrim film obtained the award while the upcoming actor in the male category was Roland Seerofer. Best actress in supportive role went to Miss Lee while Prince Ojay won in the male category.

The best green academy award went to F.Frank Football Academy while the award for the best promoter of football in the grass root went to SheyNsoyuni Lawrence. The best coach of the year went to EnowNgachu, Director of ANAFOOT.

Other categories that received awards include the best gospel comedy, best stand up comedy, best individual film, best short film, best screen play, best make up artist as well as best sound among others.

The third edition is programme for 2018 with so many awards to be dish out to young outstanding entertainers in a bit to promote culture.