CRP Party Leader’s End of Year Speech

CRP Leader Foligar Lang delivering his End of Year Speech

CRP Leader Foligar Lang delivering his End of Year Speech

Fellow  Cameroonians

New Year is a time when we all find ourselves reflecting on the last 12 months – both the positives and negatives. It’s easy to dwell on the negative, particularly at the moment, when our entire nation is experiencing what many of you are telling me are the worst experiences in the history of the country. We know how tough it is at the moment, with our economic resources at breaking point, Frequent power cut, Crumbling roads, People have remained in abject poverty and Inflation is hitting 15% due to mismanagement.

 The corrupt has acknowledged the corruption level and tolerance for corruption. Many young Cameroonians continue to flee away from Cameroon because of Suffering from Dictatorship and grinding poverty, Prosecution of citizens on political and tribalistic grounds.

Our richest men and women are those that occupy the public services. They celebrate thieves and stilling by organising parties when they are nominated by a cabinet is re-shufflement

Our young girls attending puberty can’t even afford sanitary needs but instead they are being used by public sector officers as sex partners.

We live in a country we claim agriculture is the primary source of the economy but yet no agricultural structure has been put in place and we still depends on the rural woman for our yearly harvest and that rural women still depends on the weather hitherto.

We have a weak and un- robust private sector which is made up of Buyam sellam who are being chase around in their unstructured market places by the Tax man using the acronyms L`imports Liberatoire. Our tourist corridors like Airports, Hotels and streets are now occupied by children helping the Alhajis, (black market cash converters) We have also witnessed frequent Bank robberies and intimidation from forces of law and order some known as BIR.

Corruption is worse off than cancer or HIV that must not be allowed

They are prepared to kill; they are prepared to commit crimes against humanity in other to secure their ill gotten wealth. They have established love and a strong relationship with corruption.

What must Cameroonians do to go forward? Let’s all of us look into this answers,

The Biya regime is not willing to take care of citizen’s well-being. We are just close to the winking jaws of Ebola, Boko Haram is threatening next door.HIV Malaria Cholera are rising while the health sector has crumbled in to Zero Choko Zero Soigné.

My fellow countrymen, let me tell you this now “Life is not all about yourself but it’s all about the people you meet or live with”

Democracy is a process not an article or object. Peace can never be imposed Peace can only be applied and implemented

But this is also a time to look forward to the year ahead; to the opportunities as well as the challenges.

Let’s all become like the man in the mirror, ask yourself why you are a Cameroonian? And what you can do for Cameroon

With the General Election less than 2 years away, the next few years offer us a chance to let politicians know about the issues which matter most to citizens should be “citizens first” not politicians first

 Candidates need our votes, and it’s already clear that the regime is likely to carry on with the normal jokes of fraud. By then you must have known your rights.

We will publish, post and place copies of the draft universal declaration of human right nationwide in schools hospitals, junctions and hotels etc. So you will know where you stand when you tell the CPDM enough is enough.

What a difference it would make if you were rewarded fairly for the work you do; if you never felt that corruption, citizen molestation and intimidation were getting in the way of your ability to deliver great work to our nation, if your full potentials were boasted without having to worry about endless tribalism and nepotism?

The Biya`s Regime looks similar to the era that led to Roosevelt to draft the universal declaration of human right. “Crimes that causes suffering or death to people are non as crime against humanity e.g. killing, mass imprisonments and deprivation of human needs either direct or indirect through Poor judiciary system etc”

They have taken control over the media and restore loyalty and punish anybody who breaks their law of loyalty.

I thank all the CRP Militants both within and outside Cameroon especially UK, France and Cyprus branches for their endless endeavours and contribution.

If you will permit me, I will suggest the next conference be held in Cameroon.

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year

God Bless Cameroonians

God Bless the Cameroon Reformation Party


Foligar Lang
Acting CRP – Party Leader and Founder

Avec vous et pour Vous


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