CPDM will win the next Presidential Election With a divided Cameroon opposition.

CPDM will win the next Presidential Election

With a divided Cameroon opposition.

Foligar Lang - CRP President-a divided opposition is a plus to the CPDM

Foligar Lang – CRP President-a divided opposition is a plus to the CPDM

Foligar Lang (CRP Chairman)

It will be a waste of time for hardworking Cameroonians who do not support the CPDM to take part in the next elections. Like the previous Presidential elections which had always been rigged by the CPDM regime with the assistance of the cunning attitude of the participating parties, the next Presidential Election, supposed to be held in 2018 will be won by the CPDM if opposition parties do not unite.

Cameroon opposition party leaders are aware of the fact that the CPDM will loss elections if the opposition is united. However, in order to guarantee a CPDM victory, Cameroon opposition parties often refuse to unite to call for a change in the electoral system. As we all know, the current electoral code makes it easier for Biya’s CPDM to win any election and difficult for the opposition to win any election in Cameroon.

It is a shame that with this knowledge, other opposition parties gladly participate in elections knowing fully well that the CPDM will win. This is an act of voter’s betrayal which has eventually led to lack of trust on politicians. This is not how politics should be played. CRP is totally against this kind of politics. Cameroonian politicians should be humbled enough to step forward and apologise to Cameroonians for not speaking with one voice.

Cameroonians have the impression from past experiences that there is a secret accord between the CPDM and the opposition parties. CRP is not part of the game and shall never be part of it. Cameroonians strongly believe that the opposition parties and the CPDM recognise ELECAM as an independent body and that opposition parties are unwilling to call for an independent body, other than ELECAM to manage elections in Cameroon. CRP does not subscribe to that.

As we all know, ELECAM is not independent. It is a body created by President Biya. All the members of ELECAM are appointed by Biya to work for Biya by making sure that CPDM wins all elections in Cameroon. CRP does not recognise ELECAM as an independent electoral body.

What CRP has noticed is that, at the start of political campaigns, the opposition pretends to be denouncing ELECAM as a partial institution. Yet, opposition parties always participate in elections conducted by Biya’s ELECAM. What does that tell us? It tells us that, the other parties are CPDM accomplices. That is a shame. CRP will not be entertaining that that kind of approach.

Instead of uniting as one strong force to request for the abolition of Biya’s rigging machinery (ELECAM) and to enforce an Independent Electoral Commission, the opposition gradually and sneakily participates in elections, knowing fully well that Biya will win and the opposition will loss. This is an act of betrayal. They are betraying their supporters. CRP strongly condemns this. Politicians should not afford to mislead voters and they should refrain from treating Cameroonians as fools. What kind of politics are we playing in Cameroon? Why should politicians be so dodgy and disrespectful to their own supporters? CRP totally condemns this kind of politics.

Cameroonians should not allow this from happening again. It is enough. Cameroonians should no longer act as fools, where they are being easily manoeuvred by greedy politicians. They should question their party leaders and tell their party leaders what they (the people want).

CRP welcomes all men and women of good faith to join them fight for the abolition of ELECAM and to make sure that a new independent body is formed as soon as possible. If opposition party leaders are unwilling to collaborate with Cameroonians, then Cameroonians should understand that CRP is ready to accommodate them Together we shall get back our country from the hands of greedy individuals.

We should not be afraid to ask hard questions and to tell our party leaders what we want from them; a united front for the introduction of an Independent Electoral Commission before any election in Cameroon is what most Cameroonians want. Surprisingly, only CRP is ready to fight for this.  

Party leaders will tell you it’s not possible. You should tell them; if they think it’s not possible, then they should resign and give their positions to those who think it’s possible. Ask your party leaders if any election conducted by ELECAM led to the success of the opposition parties?  Join CRP so that we can together fight for an Independent Electoral Commission before the next Presidential Election?

Opposition parties cannot continue to be part of a secret CPDM gang. CRP will not allow that to repeat itself.


Foligar Lang

Chairman CRP