The national museum is housed in the former presidential palace. It is surrounded by prominent departments such as the Prime Minister’s Office, the ministries of Justice, Public Health, Finance, Territorial Administration, Agriculture, Finance etc; the Special Criminal Court, Hilton Hotel, and above all, the Supreme Court – the highest court of the land.

Court precincts and especially court rooms are traditionally places of solemnities against the backcloth of venerable silence; particularly when the court is in session. Sounding of the horns of vehicles is strictly forbidden. Even unnecessary human noises expose the author(s) to the charge of contempt of court; not any less the inadvertent ringing of the telephone.

But the so-called national museum has positioned loudspeakers on the premises that produce renting hooting capable of being heard ten kilometers away. As it shares a common boundary with the Supreme Court, the deafening buzz shakes off stickers from the walls even when the court is in session. As a matter of fact, the ground-shaking sounds keep reverberating throughout official hours! It makes little difference that doors are shut.

One wonders if there can be greater insanity than this irresponsible official interference with official business!