Court Orders CPDM To Reinstate 5000 Mutilated Voters’ Cards


The President of the Meme High Court in Kumba, Justice Georges Gang, has ordered officials of the CPDM party in Meme 1A to reinstate over 500 mutilated voters’ cards.  

The cards have been disfigured with CPDM-labeled stickers. Gang, who doubles as the President of the Divisional Vote Counting Commission for Meme, gave the instruction, Monday September 6, following an in- camera meeting he had with leaders of various political parties.

 A communiqué addressed to local radio stations in Kumba dated same September 6 and signed by the CPDM Section President for Meme 1A, Prince Ekale  Mukete, has called on the general public and potential voters to remove the stickers on or before September 30. Information on the circulation of disfigured voters’ cards in Kumba became following a complaint addressed to the Meme Legal Department by one Musaga Eyong.

The Post gathered that Eyong, in her petition, stated that a certain Enongene went around collecting people’s voters’ cards only to return them with CPDM tickers. Following the complaint, the SDF District Chairpersons for Kumba I, II and III; Raphael Tanyi, Promise Chia and John Kona Makia, respectively, reported the issue to the Meme Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, Wednesday, September 4.

Speaking to The Post shortly after the meeting of September 4, the Second Assistant SDO for Meme, Nelson Gamsi, said: “Actually, the cards have not been forged but were mutilated by some CPDM party leaders, claiming to identify their militants by putting stickers on the cards… but other political party leaders argued during the meeting that militants cannot be indentified on voting day”. On his part, the Elections Cameroon, ELECAM Divisional Head for Meme, Divine Mewanu Mukoto, admitted that there has been rumour about fake voters cards.

“We were finally served with a certified copy of the card. Looking at it, we discovered that it is an ELECAM card that has been mutilated. Stickers on voters’ cards, to me, do not represent an ELECAM card. The perpetrators certainly have their reasons, but not in complicity with ELECAM. The Section President of CPDM Meme IA, Ekale Mukete, explained during the meeting we had with the SDO that the stickers were not meant to be stuck on the voters’ cards,” Mewanu stated.

 Mewanu bemoaned the situation, saying “It is really unorthodox.

The voter’s card is not supposed to be mutilated. The ELECAM official pointed out that the electoral code spells out criminal sanctions for such acts, but maintained that his hierarchy is going to work on the situation. Before now, Rufus Oum, SDF Secretary for Political Education and Training in Kumba III, told The Post that the situation involves fraud with concrete evidence and not allegations.

By Maxcel Fokwen