Council Scribes called to share experiences for better output



Secretary Generals of Councils in the Northwest Region have been advice to share their experiences so as to improve on their performances and the output of their respective councils.  Mr. Diyen Jam Lawrence D.O for Santa made the call on Friday October 29 while officially opening the coordination meeting of the Northwest Association of Secretary Generals of Councils (NOWACSEG) that held at the Santa Council Hall.

Speaking earlier, the lord Mayor of Santa, Clement Wankie Atanga told the SGs to work in harmonious relationship with their bosses.  He reminded them that the play a very important role in the lives of the council and can be aptly described as the wives of the mayors. He call for dialogue between SGs and mayors and said “a wife should always be ready to remind a busy husband that mayors are to eat”

He also called on them to play with a human touch their role of mediator between the mayor and the council staff and be peace makers in their councils.

Mme Ndong Rebecca, president of NOWACSEG informed her colleagues that the work load on them has increase many fold with the coming of decentralization. She urged them to study their bible (decrees, ministerial orders and laws) on decentralization very well so as to help the politicians, mayors meet up their promises to the people.

The members at the Santa come together agreed to postponed elections still the pioneer executive has firmly lay the foundation of the association, to meet the minister of Territorial Administration to discuss problems affecting their profession, to study the relevant text application and avoid their powers being usurp by council executives and for all members to meet up their financial obligations.

NOWACSEG was formed in 2008 to enable its members know each other better, ease communication amongst members, understand their role as council administrators and technicians, and to also enable them work as a team in identifying and tackling issues affecting their work. The association holds its coordination meeting quarterly and rotates from one council to another. The association is made up of 35 members representing the 34 councils in the region and the BAMENDA City Council. From Santa the association next meet in Balikumbat, Ngoketunjia  Division.


By Abongwa Fozo in Santa