11 June 2012


There are so many serious things being talked about these days – things that are raising eye brows. Politicians are mounting their soap boxes in defence of one issue or the other, the major one these days being the Marafa letters from jail. The whole thing has become such a jumble. It is difficult to really pinpoint what the hullabaloo is all about.

The whole Marafa issue to me reflects our political thinking; in fact it reflects us as a people. We seem always to grope in the dark searching for monkeys amongst goats. Then each one starts looking for reasons or the actual raison d’être for what has befallen us. But when we look carefully at the trends, especially the arguments that one hears, one may conclude rightly or wrongly that there is a lot of personal interest in what people say or do.

Now take Marafa. What is the rational behind the letter writing? Why now when he had every opportunity in his heydays to denounce the wrongs he saw within the system despite warnings from the opposition? For personal reasons and particularly reasons of profitability he condoned with wrong and wallowed in the splendour of being at the top of things. He masterminded some of the things that had to keep the status quo, things he seems to condemn today because the advantage is no longer his. Advantage out as would say in tennis.

True, there are some revelations he has been making and one would think these are desperate tactics any drowning person would apply to save himself from taking the last gulp of water before life’s chapter closes. Is he succeeding? Whether we want to accept it or not, many people on the sidelines are buying his manoeuvres. Many others however, are also asking whether silence could not have been proper for a gentleman he seems to have been.

Generally, the political trend in this country is confusing and the citizenry is always asking whither Cameroon and its breed of politicians? What are we exposing to the world?

The party to which Mr Marafa belongs is asking what has become of one of their very highly placed militant. Government ministers in trying to have a response to such a question are parading the screens and trying to give reasons why nothing Marafa says is of any valid consequence. So what next?

Why did we have to get to this? Could this issue not be settled long before we got to the stage? For many years there have been talks of misappropriation and the siphoning of money aimed at purchasing a Presidential plane. The same people involved were revered by us as being some “grand commis de l’état” if I should use the French expression. They are catapulted to the top of things and they wielded enormous power. Nothing seems to bother them because they commanded the confidence of the powers that be. The question now is, what suddenly happened that the balloon was so easily deflated that these people seem to have so quickly run from the grace they enjoyed to the grass they now seem to be chewing with ordinary goats and cattle?

You remember the story of Nebuchadnezzar how powerful he was as the Babylonian king. He defied God with all imprudence and impunity. You know where he ended, right? He became like an animal and had to eat the foliage around him. The mighty had fallen.

Why give people so much confidence, especially those of the inner circle and then just discard them or junked them like garbage? They are whisked into some detention camps as though judgement had been summarily been passed on them. It can be frustrating to consider yourself a prisoner and then join the privileges, if privileges they be, of ‘prisonhood’.

Marafa is only voicing out such frustration especially we are aware that many others like him who detected the pace this country operated are behind the bars. So who is safe in the regime? If such close aides to power can be made to be so powerless, why do some people arrogate invincibility? The system is without pity, no matter who you think you are or have been.

The Ondong Ndongs, Edzoas, Mebaras, Marafas, Abah Abahs, the Adamas, the Abenas, and even Inonis and others are in there, whether justly or not.

The system seems to be no respecter of persons and no one is excluded from its grips when it means to be mean.

So watch your footsteps. You may just be the next victim because the angel of death is hovering from door to door and if you are not cleansed by the blood of the lamb, your fate is certain.

Peter Esoka


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