Cameroon to Migrate From 8 to 9 Telephone Digits Tonight


Telephone numbers in Cameroon will migrate from eight to nine digits as from midnight tonight Friday, November 21, 2014.

Six will be added to all existing MTN, Orange and Nexttel numbers, 2 to all Camtel fixed line numbers while city phone numbers in the Camtel Network will witness an additional modification. The number 33 will be changed to 243 according to a message the operator sent to its subscribers.

This is the third numbering system change in Cameroon. The telephone started with six numbers under the landline before migrating to seven digits in 2001, following the introduction of the mobile phone a few years earlier. Cameroon later on migrated to eight digit numbering in 2008 to permit the operators accommodate more subscribers and to nine digits as from midnight today.

Authorities of the ministry of Post and Telecommunication and the Telecommunications Regulations Agency (TRA) say the increase in numbering is to permit the telephone operators to expand their subscriber base without running out of numbers attributed to them, and to expand on services to fit the rapid technological changes.

Subscribers will need to update their contacts by themselves after the new plan comes into effect.

There are over 16 million mobile subscribers in the country today with an additional 220 000 subscribers to the landline operated by Camtel.

By Abongwa Fozo

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