Cameroon political groups allocated CFA200m for senatorial polls


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The Cameroonian government has ordered that CFA 200 million be given to all political parties involved in the first senatorial polls to enable them kick-start their campaign, sources at the ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization on Monday confirm to APA.The funds have been cleared for disbursement one day after the official launch of the campaign on Sunday as various political parties prepare to take part in the forthcoming elections with nationwide campaigns to convince voters to endorse their candidate as local councilors.

The funds, the first part of which (CFA100m) is already available will be distributed to the various political parties based on how representative they are socially and politically.

The remainder will be allocated to the parties at the end of the 14 April vote out of which 70 senators will be elected while 30 others will be directly appointed by the president of Cameroon.

The law stipulates that each of ten regions comprising the country will have 10 senators.

The President of senate to be established soon will become Cameroon’s interim president should the president die or be incapacitated to rule the country.