Cameroon increases cabinet members’ salaries

The Prime Minister of Cameroon, Joseph Dion Ngute signed an order granting the Head of Government and Ministers a salary increase thanks to supervisory allowances levied up to 10 percent on all budgets of inter-ministerial committees and working groups.

According to the decree copied to APA on Tuesday, these premiums will cost the State more than 10 billion CFA francs each year.

However, in a report published at the end of last week, the World Bank (WB) asked Cameroon to improve its public governance in view of a projected economic emergence by 2035.

Emphasizing in particular the improvement of public spending, the financial institution advocated reducing the expenses of the General and Financial Administration, particularly the costs of representation, missions, ceremonies, fuel, travel and external services.

According to the World Bank, reducing these expenditures can lead to substantial budget savings for Cameroon in excess of 50 billion CFA francs per year. That is why it recommended that the Cameroonian authorities end mismanagement.

However, the WB is in favour of an increase in the basic salary of all public officials in Cameroon, since in this country, the guaranteed minimum wage (SMIG) stagnates at 36,000 CFA francs.

For now, the government is turning a deaf ear and preferring to give itself substantial benefits.

According to the latest salary scale adopted on July 1, 2014, the highest monthly basic salary in Cameroon is 326,000 CFA francs while the lowest is 43,000 CFA francs.

Source: APAnews