#BringBackBamendaBoys ( #BBBB)(#B4)


Bamenda Online has launched an online Campaign to call for the identification and release of those that were arrested in Bamenda on November 21 and December 8 2016. The authorities have not given out their names or their where about. It’s our belief that this is a deliberate ploy to eliminated some of them and to denied accountability or take any responsibility in the future. Let us hold the government accountable if anything happens to them

Northwest Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique  in his report to the presidency mention that 54 persons were arrested on December 8.

This campaign aims at identifying any one that went missing during the strike and to press for their release. If you know of anybody that was arrested or is missing since the strike, kindly send a picture, name and any detail that could be helpful.

Send to [email protected] or [email protected]

23 years Buhnjeih Maclesley Akwah Nnam

23 years Buhnjeih Maclesley Akwah Nnam

Buhnjeih was arrrested behind the main market where he had gone to pick up some provisions on December 8, 2016. His mother has been to all the police and gendarmarie posts in Bamenda and to the BMM and the Bamenda Central Prison but has not been given any information concerning his child. A gendarme officer told her he has been transfered to Yaounde.



FobouwingTimothy Mbako

FobouwingTimothy Mbako, was arrested from his workshop at sonac Street, He is a carpenter, a father of two, the only bread winner, the wife is not working, wife is in serious confusion, she was called by one gendarme that the husband has been carried in a military truck,she wish to know if the husband is still alive

Kah Joseph Tima 16 years old went missing on the day of the strike on December 8 and has not been seen since then

Kah Joseph Tima 16 years old went missing on the day of the strike on December 8 and has not been seen since then

Use the Hastag #BringBackBamendaBoys, #BBBB, #B4 on twitter for more details

This is a list of the some of  those presumed arrested circulated on some social media

The following persons were arrested on the 6-12-2016 taken to GMI Bamenda Southern Cameroons, taken to the Central police on the same day. On the the 8-12-16, they were transferred to the Bamenda Central Prison by a PRECEPTORIAL ORDER  OF THE SDO OF MEZAM.

 1. Tatae Ncok

 2.Roger Gadinga

 3.Asangon Joseph

 4. Penny Nickson Asobo

 5. Che Roger Funwi

 6. Mbah Louis

 7. Bah Joel

 8. Bruno Teneng

 9.Valentine Biyenuah

10. Donsong Miafo Herman

11. Ngwa Denis

12.Tikom Charles

13.Niba Oliver

14.Nziki Solomon

15.Nkwenti Sama Emmanuel Penn

16. Mbi Louis

17.Akewo Casen

18.Kenneth Fobah

19. Acha Mbah Valary

20.Atawan Feojus

21.Yembeh Clinton

22.Mudoh Elvis Abong

23.Fongole Lesley

24.Menia Ferdinand

25.Winceslaus Azeh.

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