Bali: Livestock Delegate Targets West African Market

Rosaline Suy Nsakseh MINEPIA Subdelegate Bali

The Newly installed Sub Delegate of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries for Bali Sub Division, Mezam Division of the North West Region Rosaline Suy Nsakseh has made a pledge to step up Animal Production in Bali that would surpass Subsistence Production and supply other Countries in Africa. She made this promise on Tuesday 13th June during her official installation by the Divisional Officer for Bali Kamara Divine Kamara at the MINEPIA office Bali. On hand to witness the installation was the Mezam Divisional Delegate of MINEPIA Dr Prudencia Lawan Yensi, Chief of Services and Heads of other Delegations. 

The D.O of Bali commissioning her into her functions offered a note of caution and blessing “You are coming to work in an area where the people are sociable and interactive but also are people who by their history are warriors, so when you are dealing with them, you should be very careful. This being your first post, it’s my fervent prayer that you would move from post to post” he said.

 The D.O revealed that The Trans African Highway which passes through Bali would soon be inaugurated which requires livestock farmers to triple production. Madam Nsakseh is thus expected to mobilize livestock farmers in Bali through Seminars and Training Sessions so as to make them hyper productive in the wake of the trans-African Highway route whose lunch would probably bring about an upsurge demand for livestock from other African countries. The newly installed was confident of her aspirations but however raised fears concerning the conservative nature of the people whom she doubts whether they would be open to her innovations.

The New Sub Delegate Rosaline Suy Nsakse takes over from Mercy Lum Neba, who moved to the Mezam Divisional Delegation. She was appointed on the 3rd of May 2017 by Ministerial order No 00023/MINIPIA as Sub Divisional Delegate of MINEPIA for Bali. Before her appointment, she was serving as the Chief of Zoo-technical and Veterinary Center at Kedjom Keku, Tubah Subdivision. She had also dispensed services at Santa as a support staff at the Sub Divisional Delegation and had worked in Misaje as the Chief of Center.

Reacting to her taking over from another lady, the D.O  said “It gives me joy to know that a woman is maintaining a position that was formally held by another woman because men have always occupied all the places. You are free to knock at my door anytime given that the knocking is intended to boost your duties. I would always be there to back you up”.

The New Sub Delegate is reckoned to be a square peg in a square hole.  According to a close friend and colleague Cilivian Ngu Akum, who worked with her at Kedjom Keku, Suy Nsakse is duty conscious, subservient, level headed, respectful, humble outspoken, punctual and a professional in the field; qualities which earned her the promotion to a delegate.