Beacon of Light Joins The Fight Against Covid-19

The campaign targeted populated parts of town

The Beacon of light Association- BeLA has has given out soaps, tap buckets, face masks and flyers and leaflets to women and girls in Bamenda as it joins the government and other organizations in the fight against COVID-19.

BeLA has been engaged in a week long awarenesses campaign that started on the May 6, 2020. The campaign targets mostly women and girls who are usually the most vulnerable during pandemic such as the covid-19.

A sensitization team from BeLA led by M. Yekpu Eleen Ndze, CEO, visited health facilities, motor parks, bus stations and other public places in Bamenda to emphasised on the importance of preventive measures in the face of covid-19. M. Yekpu and her team used pigin English, the language widely spoken and better understood in Bamemda to pass across their message. She explained that this is a matter of life and death and reason why they have to come to them in a language they will understand better. The team took time to explained and answered questions from the women and girls where ever they go. They also demonstrated on the best practices using some of these kits like the face mask and hand sanitizers.

The campaign also targeted hospitals

BeLA will in the days ahead organize a workshops to boast the skills of journalists from the Northwest regions on better ways of reporting on covid-19.

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