B’da II Council Passes Mid Year Evaluation

Bamenda II Councillors at the evaluation session

Despite the prevailing crisis, the Bamenda II Council continues to realize the projects detailed in its road map for 2020 and those prompted by the current covid-19 pandemic. In a mid-year evaluation session on July 22, 2020, Mayor Peter Chenwi noted that the “council carried out a vigorous campaign against the spread” of covid-19 with the distribution of soap and tap buckets to all quarter heads, private and public institutions like banks, schools, travel agencies, public offices, snack bars and hospitals.

The council was also able to train the councilors and some council staff on the decentralization code in order to improve output. Twinned with some strategic partners like  GLoTEN (Global Technology and Engineering Network), Olive Mountain (representative of a South Korean based cooperation) in the domains of hardware procurement, agriculture and capacity building. The Bamenda II council also renovated, bought and equipped the temporary structure they are currently occupying due to the Anglophone crisis. It also provided assistance in the form of didactic to all public schools within the municipality.

Mayor Peter Chenwi

The mayor also highlighted numerous projects realized under the public investment budget which included amongst others the equipping of some integrated health centres, the construction of a block moulding factory at Mbingfibieh, classrooms in Mbatu, a civil status centre, rehabilitation of several rural roads in Ntamulung and Buea-Bamenda Street, and a community hall in Ngulang. The council within the past five months succeeded to construct a borehole in Ntankah, and culverts in several localities.

In terms of finances, the accounts of Bamenda II council indicates a revenue of  731,850,321 FCFA representing a 49.83% realization rate and expenditure of 120,665,223 FCFA, that is 8.2% in actual terms. The low rate of expenditure is attributed to the current Anglophone crisis.

Mayor Chenwi however said this could have been more if the actual sources of income open to the council like the markets were exploited. He called on the office of the SDO to revisit the distributions of markets within Bamenda. It should be recalled that the major markets like the Main Market, Food Market and Ntarikon in Bamenda II are under the control of the City Council.

Mezam SDO Simon Emile Mooh in closing the session expressed his satisfaction with the work so far realized within the short span in office. He praised their efforts in revenue collection. He requested the council to double its effort to contain the spread of the novel corona virus in Bamenda II. “Bamenda II Council is the heart of Bamenda” he said, adding that it is in Bamenda II that the Main Market, General Hospital, Major Banks are found, and is heavily populated. He reminded the councilors that Covid-19 is real with over 450 active cases in Bamenda presently. Covid-19 he continued is particularly dangerous for those above 40 years. He called on all to continue to practice good hygiene and follow the barrier measures put in place by government.

By Abongwa Fozo

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