Bar Exams Launched


The President of the Cameroon Bar Association, Barrister Francis Sama Asanga, has launched the Bar examination to be written on February 22 and 23 at the Yaounde University I.

Barrister Sama Asanga launched the examination in a press conference in Yaounde over the weekend. The Bar President said the examination aims to qualify advocates-in-training and admission into the Bar. Although the law provides that the examination be organised every year, it has not been organised for the last four years.

While explaining the details of the examination, Barrister Sama said parts I and II will be written on the above mentioned dates following a decision of the Minister of State in charge of Justice and Keeper of the Seals on January 14, 2014. He told journalists that the condition for the organisation of the examination are pasted at the Bar Head Office in Yaounde, the Chambers of the Bar President in Bamenda, the Chambers of the various regional representatives of the Bar President and at all Regional Courts of Appeal.

Sama said candidates for the examination are requested to complete application files in two copies; one copy shall be deposited at the Bar Head Office, the Bar President’s Chambers in Bamenda or the Chambers of the Bar President’s Regional representatives and at the Department of Judicial professions in the Ministry of Justice on or before January 24.

Barrister Sama said one of the things he wants to achieve at the helm of the Bar is to create a law school in the country to provide better training of lawyers. Reacting to the announcement by the Bar President, a lawyer who asked for anonymity, stated that the Bar was being inundated by lawyers who would not have any jobs. He said the over 2000 lawyers in the country were too many for a weak economy like Cameroon.

“Even though the profession of a lawyer is a liberal one, he went on, the continuous opening of the gates for more people into the Bar will erode the credibility and the integrity of the profession such that they have to resort to doing very dirty things to survive,” said the lawyer.
However, some observers argue that it is incumbent on the Bar to be organising the profession every year because many lawyers are leaving Cameroon for greener pastures abroad while many others are simply quitting the profession for something else. 

By Yerima Kini Nsom

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