Bamenda: Traffic flow blocked for hours


Collision at Sonac Street Bamenda

A collision this morning involving three vehicles and a motorcycle left commuters between Bamenda Central and Nkwen and Up-station stranded for several hours and others forced to use alternatives routes.


The collision that occurred at theSonac Streetin front of the Treasury about 9:18 am involved a 30 seaterToyotabus transporting mourners from the direction of Nkwen and heading into main town, a Mercury Villager heading the same direction and a Land Rover Range Rover that was approaching the traffic from the treasury compound. The other was a commercial motorbike that a rammed into the Range Rover from behind. The collision blocked both lanes of the road completely cutting off all traffic flow but for pedestrians.


The collision invloved a bike and 3 vehicles


It took about 15 minutes for the police to intervene and try to clear the scene after the accident happened. The backload of traffic hold up extended to theCommercial Avenueand to Miss Geng Roundabout. Many Vehicles had to use alternative roads throughOldTownand Ntamulung to beat the traffic.


Such incidents always bring to question the problem of access roads linking the three parts of Bamenda.  Except for the Miss Geng road and New Layout (One way road) there is hardly any good road between Nkwen and Mankon parts of the town that make up over 70% of the Bamenda. Recently a second access road into Town from Up-Station was opened after Bamenda was cut off from the rest of the country in 2008 following a natural disaster at Mile 2 Up-Station were flash floods swept a portion of the road and a land slide that occurred at the S-Bend Station Hill road.


It would appear the authorities are waiting for similar incidents to happen before they react.



Abongwa Fozo


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