Bamenda II Votes 785M For 2018

The Mayor Balick Awah chairing the council session

The 2018 draft budget for the Bamenda II municipality, the largest of the 3 councils that makes up Bamenda City Council Area stands at 785 million FCFA, witnessing a five million francs decrease in absolute terms and 0.6% drop in relative terms to the 2017 budget which stood at 790M FCA. The budget was voted this Wednesday, November 29, at the Bamenda II Council Chambers.

Mayor Balick Awah Fedelis called on councilors, the Council Exco,  the administration and partners of the council to collaborate to help realize the budget which is only a draft. He said the council is going through tough times due to the prevailing socio-political crisis in the region with many businesses reluctant to pay their taxes.

Details of the draft budget shows the council will invest 40% of the anticipated budget (314M) and the rest, 471M (60%) would be set aside for overhead expenses with a bulk of this going into staff running cost (148 M) and 186.6 M for recurrent expenditure materials, supplies and transport amongst other.

The Bamenda II Council also intends to invest in landed property with some 22.6 M set aside for acquisition of lands for the municipality, 57M for debts repayment and 215M for other tangible assets acquisition.

The major sources of revenue would remain taxes fiscal revenue from which is estimated to generate some 574M, transfers from the state (33M) and proceeds from council property (16M)

Councilors at the session

Closing the session, The D.O for Bamenda II, Tanyi Roquecegnol Akwo, sitting in for Mezam SDO implored the councilors to put the interest of their population above all other and for each to contribute their quota to meet up with the target of the municipality. He advised them to take the current crisis as a challenge, go out and sensitize the population in order to meet up with the tag of “one of the biggest council” in Bamenda.  The budget he concluded is realistic and within reach.

By Pedmia Shatu