Bamenda Grand Councilors Blame SDO for Falling Revenue

(Finance District) Bamenda city

Grand councilors of the Bamenda City Council have blamed the low realisation of the 2016 budget on the absent of the various tax drives which were not authorised by the Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Pierre Rene Songa.

Reacting to this during the Administrative and Management Account session at the City Council Chambers on April 26, the SDO said the council does not need any special authorisation from him to collect outstanding taxes. He also challenged the Grand Councilors to
sensitise the population of their constituencies on the need to pay taxes and on time. Nevertheless, recalcitrant business people will face hard times if they don't comply with their tax obligation he added.  

The absence of these tax drives according to Bamenda City Council officials caused the council to realise only 64.5% of its budgeted revenue, amounting to 2,185,189,376 Frs.  Of this amount, 2,024,563,540 Frs was used as expenditure with a positive balance brought forward of 160,625,836 Frs.

To the Government Delegate to the BCC, Vincent Ndumu Nji, this amount is largely insufficient for a city like Bamenda that has to carry out the construction of inner city roads, garbage collection, repairs of street lights, the maintenance of law and order, construction of markets amongst others.

To the MP for Bamenda-Bali Hon. Fobi Nchinda, the revenue for 2017 can be better if the council works in tandem with the treasury and to ensure that the land tax collected is directed into the council accounts. He further congratulated the Grand Councilors who unanimously passed a council deliberation to take the Chinese company extending and expanding the city water supply scheme  to book for destroying the few passable roads within the city area.

The Government Delegate in response said he was not aware of the terms of the contract that was signed between the Chinese Construction Company and the national water distribution company, Camerounaise Des Eaux-CDE, and so could not talked more about it.

By Ndi Tsembom Elvis