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The Bishops of the  Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province,  meeting in Bamenda from  February 6-8, 2018 under the canopy of the Bamenda Episcopal Conference have adopted changes in the statutes of the Catholic Men Association, the CMA. The Bishops of Buea, Bamenda, Kumbo,  Mamfe and Kumba in their annual Episcopal Conference, accepted, recognized and adopted the proposed statutes for  the CMA.

The final changes were presented to the CMA members at their extra-ordinary elective congress that held on the 9th February in the Cathedral Hall Big Mankon. The Bishops, Spiritual Fathers of the CMA said “after carefully going through the proposed Status and making the necessary corrections, we have decided to give our Canonical Blessings for the Association to forge ahead as one of the Prayer and Action groups in the Catholic Church”

The one day congress which came at the behest of the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Provincial Bishops after the National Congress in Douala last August failed to produce the Executives and the other expected results of the CMA.

Activities of the day  began with Holy Mass with  Mgr. Andrew Nkea, Bishop of Mamfe who doubles as the vice president of the Bamenda Provincial Ecclesiastical Conference (BAPEC) as main celebrant and the Archbishop of Bamenda His Grace Cornelius Fontem Esua and Mgr. Agipitus Nfon Bishop of Kumba as con-celebrant assisted by well over 10 Priests.

Bishop Andrew Nkea challenged the Catholic Men to live their lives after that of Christ and work in a way that they wouldn’t bring shame to the Church and dishonour to the group. The CMA he caution is not a political party and members should not join the association for any another reason but to serve Christ. He told the leaders of the movement not to run the group according to their political affiliations.

Owing to the fact that the Congress was an Elective one, Bishop Nkea held that leadership position in the School of St. Joseph is a religious responsibility and not political empowerment. Hence, once this focus is lost the group can never be straight. It is not a ‘Njangi’ or Social group, he warned. Rather it is an Association of baptized men and not boys and despite the fact that they carry out social activities it remains essentially a religious group that helps each other to go to Heaven. As a member of this Association if one dies and don’t go to Heaven, it was better he won’t have belong, the Chief Shepherd of Mamfe diocese added. CMA is not a Secret Society, it acts in the open and everything she does should be transparent on the table; No hidden agenda; it is a group for those whose lives and works are open with an open initiative and not skimming against each other. The CMA is a group honourable men. He concluded by calling on the members to be one another’s keeper with no night meetings as those in a Secret Society.

Prior to the elections proper close to 500 delegates drawn from over 15 dioceses assembled at the Cathedral Hall Big Mankon after Mass, the care taker committee chairperson Ralph Arrey Manyi that was put in place to see into the smooth organization of the Congress, thanked all the Chaplains, Diocesan Presidents and their immediate Exco Members for the cooperation they gave him and his team to bring the Association where it was. 

            The following were elected into the national bureau of the CMA after the adoption of the new statutes. They include;


President:  Okie Johnson – Yaounde

 Vice:  Julius Awah Ndukum – Ngaoundere

General Sec.  Tchoupi Raphael – Yaounde

Vice Gen. Sec.:   Atabe Gilbert – Kumba

Treasurer:  Okwujiaku B.I.C. – Douala

Financial Sec.:  Tambe Cyril Agbor – Mamfe

Vice Fin. Sec.:  Nde Ban Aime – Bertoua

Com. Sec. : Richard Nde Lajong – Bamenda

Liturgy Master:  Ghong Fidelis – Bamenda

Discipline Master:  Mbilla-Bout Oscar – Bertoua

Social Secretary:  Tangang Gabriel – Ebolowa

Advisers:     Ralph Manyi – Douala Ecclesiastical Province

Ngah Eric – Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda

Paul Tamanjong – Ecclesiastical Province of Garoua

Mbinkar Kikishiy Cassianus – Ecclesiastical Province of Yaounde

Panambou Maurice – Ecclesiastical Province of Bertoua

By Fokum Emmanuel