Bamenda: Bike thief burn to death



A  man identified as Ahmidou Musa 25 years old was last week burned alive at the below Foncha neighbourhood in Bamenda  for allegedly stealing a motorcycle.


An eye witness who opted to remain anonymous told this reporter that the thief had successfully stolen the bike and was already in the process of negotiating a buyer when he was caught. It was actually the buyer that he took to his house that noticed the bike and notified the owner.

This purported buyer according to the eye witness negotiated to take  Ahmidou Musa  to a buyer who actually was the bike owner. When they approached the rendezvous point  Ahmidou noticed that something was not right and decided to speed off with the bike leaving the buyer behind.


It’s said he left for Bafut in the vain hope that when he comes back the situation would have died down. But instead the youths of the Below Foncha and Ntasin neighbourhoods patiently stayed at the junction waiting for his return. Later in the evening on his way back he walked into the hands of the angry youths . The crowd reportedly pounced on him with stones, clubs and sticks beating him to near unconsciousness before setting him ablaze using tyres.The police arrived the scene several minutes late.

Jungle justice is a common practice in Bamenda. Most thieves cut in the line of duty are instantly administered a dose of mop justice unless the law enforcement officers arrive the scene on time. Such practices has been blamed on  a corrupt law enforcement system and a corrupt and slow judicial process in Cameroon. There have been cases of innocent people being killed and others using mop justice to settle personal scores.

By Akumbom Elvis