Bamenda-Bali Road: Two rushed to hospital after collision

The corrola 90 rammed into the pickup stout













The head on collision happened around Mile 84 some 10 km away from Bamenda town around 7:45 pm on February 14, 2012 when a Toyota Corolla 90 transporting passengers (clando) rammed into a Toyota Stout Pickup transporting firewood to Bamenda fromBali. Two passengers from the Corolla were rushed to theBaliDistrictHospitalfor medical attention while the driver of the car that came out untouched escaped into the tin air for fear of his life.


From the accident scene it was noticed that the driver of the Corolla 90 matriculated NW 641 AA had completely left his side of the road and ventured into the approaching lane where they collided.


Eye witnesses at the scene told BamendaOnline that the “clando” vehicle was on high speed before the collision and that the driver had lost complete control of the vehicle. The question most passer bys keep asking is what could have provoked the accident at a portion of the road where there are no pot holes, bends or any kind of obstruction.


The Toyota Pick Up Stout was transporting Fire Wood

Recently following the maintenance of the Bamenda-Batibo road which forms part of the Bamenda-Enugu Tran-Africa highway, there has been a series of minor accidents recorded on the road mostly due to over speeding and the absent of speed breaks. This forced the population of Bali Nyonga to issue a warning to drivers. According to a resident ofBalitown Gana Peter, they had told the drivers that any one that would be involved in an accident should rather die because any driver that survives a crash would be lynched.


When we arrived the scene we saw 3 men returning from the bushes in vain attempt to search for the driver whom they fear might have suffered a knock on the head. When we left the scene some minutes after his where about was still not known.



By Abongwa Fozo