Bamboutos Sacked 3rd Coach of the Season

Jules Nyonga was the 3rd Coach of B'tos this season

Jules Nyonga has been sacked as coach of Bamboutos of Mbouda after only 9 games in-charge. He was handed his dismissal letter this morning at 9 am by Justin Tagouh president of Bamboutos following another disappointing draw recorded on Sunday against Unisport of Bafang.

According to Dongmo Abel, a journalist attached to the team, Jules Nyonga paid the prize for his poor substitution effected in most of the games since he took charged of the Mangwa Boys.

Jules Federick Nyonga took charge of the Mangwa Boys on June 10, 2017, his fist job after a long absence. The 71 year former National Team coach was the third to  coach Bamboutos this season. He took over  from Laurent Djam and Joseph Atangana who coached the team respectively in the first phase of the championship.

At the time he took over, Bamboutos was classified 9th on 22 points. Jules Nyonga lead them in 9 games, winning three, drawing three and losing three, adding 12 points to the team’s tally and a place down from the 9th spot when he took over.

The team’s management took the inpatient decision to start looking for a 4th coach in a season after Jules carryout three substitutions in the match on Sunday. His side was leading by one goal and conceded an equalizer seconds to the final whistle. This was blamed on his poor substitutions.

Bamboutos of Mbouda has been looking for an elusive trophy since being reinstated into the elite championship in the 2014 football season.

By Abongwa Fozo