Bali- Homosexual Hypnotizes and Rape Friend


A Man in his mid 20s whose only name we got as Donald is presently under gendarmerie custody in Bali for allegedly hypnotizing a friend and forcefully committing anal sex with him on Saturday July 20, 2014 at the Jam Jam neighbourhood.

Neighbours said Donald had invited a friend into his room where they spend several hours together. Out of curiosity and suspicion, the neighbours paid him a surprise visit only to discover his guest (names withheld) was lying unconscious on the bed. It was later discovered that Donald had used lubricants to penetrate his friend through the anus.

The next day sensing trouble in the air, Donald attempted to escape but was chased and apprehended by the youths of Jam Jam and later on handed over to the gendarmes of Brigade Research Bali.

Some of the youths alleged that Donald reportedly caused his victim to fall into a trance using his phone, though none could explain how he did it. It is also alleged that he had to run away from Yaoundé and later Jakiri before coming to Bali due to similar acts.

By Cromwell Richy M

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