Bafanji Fon Cleared over Alleged Mismanagement Saga of Development Fund

HRH Fon Ngwefuon II of Bafanji

HRH Fon Ngwefuon II of Bafanji

The Fon of Bafanji village in Ngoketunjia of the North West Region has frowned at the manner at which some elite in the Disporas want to set confusion in Bafanji. Talking to this reporter, HRH Fon Ngwefuon II has discarded claims by some elite(s) that funds donated for development projects is baseless and unfounded. Accordingly Fon Ngwefuon II wondered loudly how people who have never contributed for development projects in the village are on tree-tops talking about money they did not contribute a penny.  “Let them tell me how much they contributed? In fact let them even build houses in the village, these are people who cannot even develop themselves”, he added.

  At enthronement, the people of Bafanji saw in him a self-motivated, educated, young and dynamic Fon who could be a friend to the commoners. Yet Fon Ngwefuon II has been able to break from the past and make things to happen positively. The Fon of Bafanji told this reporter that he has been a catalyst of development reasons why recently they lobbied for funding from the African Development Bank-ADB. “How many of them in the Diasporas have lobbied for us to have water, none!” the Fon vomited. He added that all along he has been trying to modernize the village by putting in place structures that would ensure accountability and transparency to help the village forge ahead with development. 

However, to some elite(s) in the Diaspora like Gideon lienghotue and luke Nchinchupa, the Bafanji has been transformed into a sinkhole. According to them, the Fon did not only become highhanded in the management of village affairs but also got entangled with the management of funds contributed by the village development association (FADCA). On the contrary, the Fon said he is not the President of FADCA and not even to talk of knowing how funds donated are managed. FADCA according to some of them is shady and wrapped in an atmosphere of certainty and doubts. They claim that the Fon in complicity with the then President of FADCA, Mr. Pezumbia Philip created a ‘TASKFORCE’ which raked through the village and the whole country and came out with a whooping sum of CFA 31.675 475 between 2011 and 2012. This chunk of money, according to some of the elite, has never been accounted for in clear and detailed records.

Describing Fon Ngwefuon II reign as “26 months of ungratefulness to Bafanji people at home and abroad,” Gideon lienghotue and luke Nchinchupa, say only the Fon and the President of FADCA know where and when the money was spent. Yet the Fon on the other hand said all the claims were baseless and that the taskforce was initiated with trusted persons at the helm. “I hope they are not raising all the dust to seek asylums” he reiterated.

On the other hand, Mr. Pezumbia Philip when contacted was swift to debunk such accusations as baseless. He said those who are making such allegations have never chipped in a dime for the village development. He revealed that the said sum of money was used judiciously and the records are there to testify. He enumerated the achievements of FADCA which range from the construction of classroom, renovation of the palace, purchase of a service car for the Fon and rural electrification. As to why the afore mentioned persons were banned from the village, Pezumbia referred to them as barefaced liars pointing that one of them was in the village for the burial of a family member of recent.  According to him, the so-called Bafanji Diaspora elite have contributed little or nothing for the village but rather some of them are making things difficult for the village to forge ahead. He said their incessant verbal assail on the Fon was uncalled for and needed no respond from a right thinking person.


By FC Junior (The Eye Newspaper)

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