Ayah Paul Abine

Ayah Paul Abine

The Secretary General of People’s Action Party – PAP – Hon Ayah Paul Abine, was on Sunday, May 05, 2013, barred from taking part in the CRTV, (TV), programme: “Press Hour”. Ayah was already seated in the studio as the guest of four journalists and about to start the programme when at two minutes to the take-off time the team was informed that the CRTV authorities had decided against the programme holding. The contrived reason was that the programme ought to have started at 11. 30 AM and not at noon. When the “anchour-man” of the programme, Mr. John Chebonke, sought to know who had changed the usual starting point of time from noon to 11.30 behind his back, he was told that the sole role of the messenger was to deliver the instructions relative to the change…

It would be recalled that during the campaign for presidential election in 2011, little about Ayah Paul’s candidacy was allowed over CRTV. Earlier in the year, a programme over CRTV, Buea, Press Club, was banned for hosting Ayah Paul, and its coordinator promptly suffered punitive transfer. Nor have there been any reports over CRTV relative to the several bans against PAP’s political activities in the country.

On March 9, 2013, for instance, the court joined some authorities in Lebialem to prevent PAP from holding a meeting duly declared in accordance with the law in force. A similar thing happened in Bangem on April 6. And Ayah was prevented from visiting the former Prime Minister Chief Ephraim Inoni, in prison a few weeks ago. None of these incidents was considered newsworthy by CRTV. It is as if the one-time general ban on Ayah’s name over CRTV has now been reinforced.

Observers believe that PAP as the only political party in Cameroon today that has remained uncompromising is a thorn in the flesh of the CPDM Government. And PAP keeps promising Cameroonians that they shall never fail them! Incidents like this should logically keep coming up even as we are told that Cameroun is an advanced democracy!