Anglophones begin to Rise Against Gov’t’s Peace Mission

Thousands took to the street of Bamenda on September 22 to protest

Many youths of Ebonji, Tombel Sundivision in the  Kupe Muanenguba Division of the South West have taken to the streets of the locality with peace plants and chanting "no bribery, no bribery" in response to a government move to  deplored CPDM elites in all 13 divisions of the Northwest and Southwest regions to meet with the disgruntle population to address the on-going Anglophone Crisis.

The Youths of Ebonji see in this an attempt by the government to bribe the locals and have their way in the face of the current crisis. The youths accompanied by women, and some elders marched through the street of the town this morning, some with peace plants and others with the Ambazonia flag and whistles singing at the top of their voices.

The Prime Minister Philomon Yang under the instruction of the Head State Paul Biya signed a long list of names mostly of CPDM elites sending them to meet and dialogue with the locals in their various localities.

The released leader of the disbanded Anglophone Consortium, Bar. Felix Nkongho relased a statement condemning the move saying “we strongly condemn, reject and disassociate ourselves with these moves”  adding that “to appease the population, the government is called upon to release all peaceful protesters, account for the number of death,  restore complete internet access and call for a round table dialogue in the presence of the United Nations”

Its fear, such demonstrations will likely spread to other localities despites government’s tight control on the media and an internet blackout in most parts of English Cameroon.

List of Elites to visit Kupe Muanenguba

Bar. Nkongho's reaction

By Abongwa Fozo



Source: Bamenda Online

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