An Open Letter to Peter Essoka by a Southern Cameroonian.


Peter Essoka, President of the National Communication Council (NCC)

Peter Essoka, President of the National Communication Council (NCC)

Dear Sir,

I just read with disdain the press release you sent out as President of the CNC threatening to shut down Newspapers & TV stations in Cameroon. What a disgrace coming from a trained veteran journalist of your caliber. How come you put your pen on a document to fight your peers? Is that really what you were taught in journalism school or you just shamelessly want protect your position at CNC? History will judge you Sir, & Southern Cameroonians will forever associate the name Essoka to the mafia Beti regime that has ruined their land & its assets, raped our sisters, kidnapped, torture & imprison our brothers etc. 
I will not cite those charges you mentioned but your conscience will attack & eat you like a cancerous virus. I see why your friend Charles Ndongo praised Biya as his God for saving his life. I am very sure he saved yours too. Peter Essoka, you are a hypocrite and traitor to English speaking Cameroonians & your peers. I have one question for you;
– Can you define the meaning of OBJECTIVE JOURNALISM? If yes then your release is baseless & totally out of context. Every journalist who cannot define what Objective Journalism means is a FAKE JOURNALIST. Stop hiding & posing for a journalist cus you are not one. You are a seasoned POLITICIAN who has used his articulation skills to become a devil's advocate. I hear you are claiming neutral? Oh Cameroon! Are you really a Southern Cameroon Sir? What do you call a peaceful state? Are you talking about your banana Republic? It's sad when the younger generation cannot learn from stooges like you. In fact, you are an outcast Mr. Essoka. Ban all those news outlets since you've got 'blood power' in your hands now. Your mafia regime sets the agenda & thwarts it any time it deems  necessary and since you guys have decided to hang on to power by all means, the new generation of journalists, politicians, civil society leaders are a threat to you. As a journalist, what have you done since the govt cut internet in SC? Denizens' right to basic freedom of expression/information has been seized & you are an accomplice. 

To conclude my letter, I know you have been to several countries in Africa & witnessed the on going developments in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia etc. Southern Cameroonians just wish to have a system of govt that will promote similar developments. So Sir, tell your blood sucking bosses that this struggle is an ideology that will never be killed till the regime decides to solve it. You especially will be held accountable one day. Let me remind you that none of those you are defending now will even attend your funeral. If you guys think you will use death as an escape window, Southern Cameroonians will put the word SHAME on your grave. 

Sincerely Yours
Agbor Titus

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