Prince Michael Ngwese Ekosso – Chairman USDP

My dear brothers and sisters of the different factions of Ambazonia struggle, I greet you all in the name of REAL CHANGE in Cameroon.

My dear brothers and sisters within the different factions of initiative of resistance which led to the creation of “Ambazonian Defense Forces (ADF), permit me to call on your attention on some important issues.

When this struggle began, most of us tried to bring out the legitimate historical composition of the struggle.

Unfortunately, what it has become now leaves most miserable population of the South West and North West more miserable and stranded more than ever before.

Honestly, most people thought that the ADF were there to protect the civilians. But there are videos where young Amba Boys are seen in most recent days carrying guns, burning and breaking private properties, especially in Fako.

You the Ambazonian Fighters on Ground Zero seem to be in total control of strategic actions at this moment. And from an honest and careful look of things, the LOCKDOWN initiative has only further the misery, social, physical, moral, financial and material insecurity of the people are claiming to protect.

There are relatives, friends, loved ones who are sick as we write to you all at the moment, but cannot go to the hospital due to the lockdown imposed on the population.

Informations looming that you guys on Ground Zero, most of whom strain in the bushes are the key orchestrator to the idea of the lockdown imposed on our people and that you guys are planning and threatening to extend the period of this exercise.

On our part, as a political body, and after a close examination of the current situation and incidence, we seems to agree with those who hold that the modus operandi of this struggle has changed drastically and what obtains now as strategy only further instill so much fear and terror in the people you say you want to protect.

We understand the pains, hardship, stress you all are undergoing at this time. But the question is this, is it the right thing to do at this time?

We truly understand the nature of the engagement some of you have taken towards this struggle, but comparing it with the so much misery inflicted on our people, there’s virtually no match!!

From the ongoing violence, more than 68 villages have been burnt in the South West and North West regions, more than 60.000 refugees in Nigeria, about 5000 internally displaced, more than 1500 killed already.

The way you apply your strategy only further reveal that, by the time you own real power in the “Ambazonia” country, the people indeed stand least chances of being real free citizens, but will be controlled by the idea of violence which characterizes your  “Ambazonia Republican policy of dictatorial regimes which in fact, is a strategy used also by the regime of Mr President Paul Biya.

So, my humble question is this, What’s the difference?

My honest suggestion to you all fighters on “Ground Zero” is this, kindly help your own people (the Anglophones) to come out from this senseless war by probing and pruning for peace, dialogue, justice and NOT VIOLENCE

Dear Ambazonia Fighters, have you, honestly take a closer look at the sufferings and misery of our people at this time?

The question I keep asking myself is this:

“Qu’est ce qui n’a pas marché ?”

In other words, “What didn’t go well and where did we faulter as a people and as a nation?”

Please, if you are one of the “generals, commanders” of the Ambazonian Fighters or anyone of  you who wheels power directly or indirectly, kindly call off the lockdown imposed on our own people!!

You have passed across a very strong message and we have understood your message very well. So, please, for the sake of our people, call off the lockdown imposed on your own brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunties, etc.

I will like to conclude this appeal by citing the death of one young man who died on the 5th of February in the Muyuka District Area. He named himself “General Virus” and was last seen alive on the 5th of February, 2019 in the very early hours of the morning. He made a video that early morning, stating that the lockdown had begun that day in Muyuka district and he was warning the population not to step out, else, you’ll be killed.

Unfortunately, by 5:00pm that same day, after a bitter exchange of gun battle with the military, “General Virus” was killed on the same day he began the lockdown in his Makanga jurisdiction of Muyuka District.

Question: Was it necessary for him to expose himself that much?

Thank you all, God bless you, and may God bless the struggle, but in a nonviolent way.


National President

United Socialist Democratic Party (USDP)

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