PCC Elections: Delegates to Vote Soon

Delegates attending the 47th Synod of the PCC to amongst others elect a new moderator and synod clerk of the church are due to go into election shortly.

After deliberating on a number of issues affecting the life of the church and proposals for changes to be introduced in the electoral process, the setting up of a disciplinary committee, the role of the retired moderators in the church and the setting up of new church institutions, the delegate were given a two break as from 12:30 pm before elections slated later in the day.

The Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba a and the Rev. Abwenzoh Williams are the only candidates running for the position of Moderator while the Rev. Forchang Babila and Nganji Christian are veying for the position of Synod Clerk.

By Abongwa Fozo, Gnoukapassi Marshal and Stephen Ojong at Church Centre Mankpn