18 New Secretaries Generals Appointed


Paul Biya appoints new SGs

President Paul Biya on September 14, 2012 signed a decree, appointing new Secretary Generals (SGs), in the various ministries.

 The decree reads as follows;

 -Ministry of Social Affairs, Aboutou Rosalie

 -Ministry of Arts and Culture, Mouhtar Ousmane

 -Ministry of State Property Surveys and Land Tenue, Nasako Fritz Gerard

 -Ministry of Water and Energy, Nanaouda Malachi

-Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Edoa Gilbert Didier

 -Ministry of Basic Education, Ivo Tambo Leke

 -Ministry of Secondary Education, Pougoue Paul Gerard

 -Ministry of Higher Education, Ngono Harace Manga

 -Ministry of Finance, Ebang Mve Urbain Noel

-Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform, Ngambo Fondjo Pierre Vincent

 -Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Ahmadou Sardaouna

 -Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Yerima Joseph

 -Ministry of Public Contracts, Tchoffo Jean

 -Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development, Ebah Abada Edouard

-Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, Njodom Armand

 -Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and the Family, Moussa Aoudu

 -Ministry of External Relations, Mbayu Felix

 -Ministry of Public Health, Koula nee Shiro Sinata


(Anglophones highlighted in bold)