Why the Musheroom Cloud is Lucifer’s Signature

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A Nuclear Explosion

A Nuclear Explosion

The invention of the nuclear weapon is Satan's greatest achievement since he convinced Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Having eaten the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Adam's children are now under the control of Satan.

The invention of the atomic weapon which required unlocking the secrets of the atom was the next step in the temptation by Satan. It was described as a scientific achievement. But in reality it was all the work of Satan. From the day that man exploded the first atomic bomb, he discovered something extraordinary: the unique signature of Lucifer. When you see the mushroom cloud, know that you are looking at Lucifer.

Every country that has exploded a nuclear bomb is imbued with a level of arrogance and hubris that is only comparable to that which took over Lucifer when he was still one of God's angels. It is that spirit of Hubris that led God to drive him from Heaven, for ever. Countries possessing nuclear weapons literally worship them as the ultimate protector. They are known to claim the capacity to destroy 10 times over with their weapons what it took God the Almighty 6 days to create. After the six days of work, God himself needed a full day to rest. Yet the agents of Lucifer now claim that they can destroy it in one day. That is what is called Nuclear Hubris.

These arrogant powers, Agents of Satan, are now threatening to stage a spectacular show of the signature of Lucifer. But God the creator of Heaven and Earth will still have the final say. He will decide who shall die and who shall survive to inherit the earth that he created in six days. AMEN.

By Nfor N Susungi


One Response to Why the Musheroom Cloud is Lucifer’s Signature

  1. Camille December 27, 2014 at 6:27 am

    I sincerely think, the world today is effectively rule by the devil, all this fancy inventions has made man more and more gullible, greedy, and quest for dorminace. It took the best human minds in engineers to concieve and construct the gas chambers for Aldolf Hitler to slaughter millions, the best physicist to invent the atomic bomb to annihilate an entire city, the best chemist to come up with biological weapon. Education it seems has only made us to become trigger-hungary to go for each others. man really takes pride in killing one another and the easier it becomes seems to be our ultimate goal, God save us.

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