CPDM Anniversary, Mezam III Celebrates With Dwindling Numbers

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Lord Mayor of Bali-Ajong Ngoh and D,O Bali Kamara Divine (R)

Lord Mayor of Bali-Ajong Ngoh and D,O Bali Kamara Divine (R)

Militants of the ruling CPDM party in Mazem III –Bali have been told that only the CPDM can propel Bali Nyonga to higher heights.  Various speakers from the 2nd deputy Mayor Nubed Isaac to the section President, Ajong Ngoh Sylvanus Dobgima sang songs of the CPDM achievements since President Paul Biya came to power in 1982.

Mr. Nubed Isaac enumerated a long list of projects realized by the CPDM run council since taking over which includes numerous road rehabilitation, extension of electricity and pipe borne water to some quarters and above all the eminent construction of a 3 billion Frs. CFA cassava processing factory in the near future. These he concluded is evident enough that the people of Bali Nyonga did not make a wrong choice by choosing the CPDM in the last twin elections.

Ajong Ngoh Sylvanus, section president who also doubles as mayor of Bali, described the relation between the people of Bali and the CPDM as a pact visible through the achievement of  the party in Bali like the tarring of the Bamenda-Bali-Batibo high way, the appointment of Fon Doh Ganyonga  III as Senator, and Doh Jerome as Secretary of state and many other sons and daughters of Bali into positions of authority, the approval by government of the construction of a cassava processing plant in Bali, only second to that of Sangmalima, the creation of schools, hospitals and other government services in Bali.

Various speakers including WCPDM and YCPDM section presidents reechoed calls for the people of Bali to continue to put their weight and trust behind the CPDM party because it’s the only party that can produce tangible results and not false promises.

But the commemoration of the 29th Anniversary of the CPDM party in Bali would be remembered less for the flattery speeches that painted the CPDM immaculate white on a black background but more for the empty seats and poor turnout. Not only did grassroots militants of the party stayed back, but big party wigs who had made their presence regular on the field  a couple of months back were visibly absent. The long list of absentees included Doh Jerome, Senator Fon Doh Ganyonga, Dr. Ndifonta Nyamdi, former mayor Raymond Dingha Gwanyalla, the Fon of Bawock amongst others.

Turn out was the lowest recorded for over 5 years

Turn out was the lowest recorded for over 5 years

Empty seats marked the celebration

Empty seats marked the celebration

Mr. Fodje (L), crossed carpet from the opposition SDF to CPDM seems to be raising dust

Mr. Fodje (L), crossed carpet from the opposition SDF to CPDM seems to be raising dust

Some militants who spoke to BamendaOnline but would not like their names to be revealed said they did not turn out for the event because the council has let them down.

“This is not what we voted for, no water, no accountability, only suffering and a mayor who is always absent due to his many engagements and illhealth” one of many supposedly CPDM militants bemoan over a bottle of bear in a nearby off-license not far from the anniversary ground. Another man sitting beside him more distraught seems to have a thing with the upper class of society, describing them as rich arrogant bald heads who think of the masses only during elections. Still there were many others who could not turn up for the anniversary celebration because they choose the farm over politics.

Just six months back, a rally like this would have attracted over 2 thousand and more, with all who matter rushing back home to canvass for votes, but with the elections over, and the council safely in the pocket, of what need is the electorate in a non election year? another man wondered loudly.

Others on their part blame the influx of former opposition members who have been given more role and influence in the party than they who have toiled for years to build the party. They discribed them as political gold diggers looking for opportunities to fill their pockets.

There is still enough time to right the wrongs now, before the opposition pounce to seize upon the chink that seems to have open on the amour of the CPDM in Bali.

The anniversary celebration in Bali was attended by the D.O Kamara Divine Kamara

By Abongwa Fozo in Bali

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