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Lele Lafrique In Donga Mantung to Enforce School Reopening

Lele L'Afrique NW Governor

Lele L'Afrique NW Governor

Northwest Governor, Adolph Lele Lafrique accompanied by heavy security, his close collaborators and a battery of reporters is in Donga Mantung Division to assess the reopening of schools in that part of the region after he ostentatiously appeared on National Television to announced that he has succeeded to brokered a deal with the all Anglophone teachers’ trade union to call-off the close to three months sit-down strike that has paralysed the school year in Anglophone Cameroon.

Armed with a bloated ego of success, the convoy left Bamenda as early as 5 am this morning, but was greeted by empty streets all the way to Nkambe where he saw with indignation an effective ghost town in full force. The Governor ordered the Mayor of Ndu and Nkambe and some traditional rulers to force shops to open and ignored the ghost town before heading to Masaje subdivision where he was greeted with good news. Here two schools, one primary and one secondary had timidly resumed classes.

Earlier before his arrival, some youths had tried to block the entrance into Nkambe, by felling trees on the main road but that was quickly cleared off by the police.

The governor ended his visit with a working session at the Nkambe Town Hall with all administrative, municipal and security officials in attendance. He urged the various authorities to ensure an effective resumption of schools and businesses, the protection of those ready to exercise their right to education and state institutions and symbols.

Meanwhile some have questioned why the governor had to go to Donga Mantung to ensure school resumption there when in his own very backyard, Bamenda, the situation is no better. He is expected back in Bamenda tomorrow.

By Fokum Emmanuel with field reports

5 Responses to Lele Lafrique In Donga Mantung to Enforce School Reopening

  1. Rudolf February 26, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Really,he should go back to Bamenda and start from there.It's really a pity for him to be moving around with militrary men.Is he going for a war front?.

  2. frank leke February 7, 2017 at 9:37 am

    everybody has his will and opinion i think the people intimidate the youths are not the government but the false youths of the regoins they put terror in the minds of the kids and parents many are home out of fear a wise sheep will not follow the shepard in wrong ways…this same vandals are thieves they seaze the chance to rob students whats the difference whats the justice?????

  3. Ndoh February 6, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    Pathethic government! You don't need to go and intimidate kids in the village in order to promote the lies you are selling to the world. Your conscience will judge you and nightmares of attrocities you have committed will haunt you for life. 

    The truth will triumph!